Xingshi Investment

Xingshi Investment is currently one of the largest Sunshine private equity fund companies in China, with more than 30 private 
equity funds. Xingshi's goal is to "pursue absolute returns" and become a Chinese hedge fund. Since its establishment in 2007, 
relying on the unique "long-cycle hedging theory", although it has experienced two rounds of bear markets in 2008 and 2011, it 
has achieved positive returns for five consecutive years, but under the circumstances that the index was cut in the same period, 
the performance of Xingshi products increased. Nearly 60%, successfully achieved absolute positive returns after hedging risks. 
As a result, Xingshi Investment has won the “Golden Sunshine Private Equity Management Company” award of the China 
Securities Journal for the third time and is the exclusive winner of the first Morningstar Hedge Fund Award.