Enova Furniture


Who is ENOVA?

ENOVA was founded in 2015 by Joe You, a designer with 18 years of experience in product design. At the end of 2016, ENOVA was merged into SITZONE Group, aiming to provide a platform for excellent local and international designers to give play to their creativity. The main business is for high-end office chairs, and products of ENOVA have won a number of industrial design awards.

Relying on the strong R&D center of SITZONE Group, ENOVA has a professional team of local designers. At the same time, ENOVA introduces excellent designs from home and abroad, adheres to original design, and focuses on developing innovative office chairs that meet the demands of the middle and high-end market. Products of ENOVA have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions including Europe and the United States, having built a global sales and service network.

ENOVA originated from You Joe You's heart of insisting on original design, who adheres to the design concept of less is more, and create a quality platform with design power for the global outstanding designers to give play to and realize their creativity. Joe You has gathered creative force, discovered more excellent product designs, and promoted original product designs to the international market. In this process, what we create is not only the design or the product, but also the respect for the designer's own value and life attitude.



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The beauty of three dimensions should not be limited by space. Good products are the best language for designers.It is the original intention of our original brand platform to introduce international designers with different vision and charm of design.I believe that in the near future, the works of more and better designers will be presented to the interlocutors.

Design awards
design pursuit.